My Story

This is my page dedicated to my stories.

The Enchanted Kettle
I entered the house, this time using the door. The cold wind stung my hands and face and the first thought on my mind was tea. A nice, steamy, comforting cup of tea that you can feel going down your parched throat. Yes, that's exactly what I needed to quench my thirst before fixing the window I broke last night. My twin sister blocked my way up the stairs and she wouldn't move her goody-two-feet for what seemed like hours. I was cursing her before I even got to the kettle.
Rosie followed me in as quietly as almost nothing so that I only realized her presence after the kitchen began to fill with purple smoke that twinkled occasionally like stars in the night sky. When the mist cleared I didn't find myself in a hot, steamy and vapour-covered kitchen but a clear deserted beach with an extremely pesky sybling. I turned to Rosie and looked into her blue, reflective eyes that suited her shiny, golden, thick hair and blurted out the question that was on both of our confused minds; "How are we going to get home?"
We both stumbled back simultaneously, ready to hit the jagged rock cliff but there was no pain. Instead, me and Rosie were faced with a beautiful pearl that winked in the light continuously. Underneath the glinting ball was a roughly written note saying: If you wish to get to earth, dive beneath the waves and on earth you will be. This means I would have to face my worst fear; Being underwater.
Rosie and I raced to the still, calm sea and dove down into the depths of the indigo black ocean. I felt my lungs tighten and I was reminded of hours of torture in swimming lessons but I carried on still. When I couldn't hold my breath any longer and was on the brink of consciousness a blinding flash propelled me away. I opened my eyes and found myself in my clean, white tiled bathroom thrashing in the bathtub like a kitten learning how to swim. My throat was scorched and my first thought was tea...