My Poems

Hey guys, what's up. My views thanks to you wonderful people. This is a page dedicated to all my poems, hope you enjoy!
P.S: I LOVED dinosaurs then so a few of my poems might be about them. .

Aged 7
Dinosaurs are great
Plants or flesh they ate
Small, giant or extreme
Some with scales that gleam
One of my favourites is the diploducus
With eyes on the side of his head to focus
On stripping vines from nearby trees
And swallowing stones to grind up leaves

Aged 9
I am a leader
Ruler of them all
Everyone bow down to me
No matter how big or small
I'm the main greifer
Fire? I don't mind
I will always kill you
Blocky textures I shall hide
I do have a brother
And his name is Notch
He's a goody-goody
But I think evil's posh
Every evening I prepare
For the coming night
Because when the sun sets behing those hills
I'll destroy with mush delight
In a mighty battle
My sword sweeps and swings
Once no more blood is there to be spilt
He'll realize that I'm king
We all scatter and hide
When the sun comes up to shine
And no-one will ever know
That I am Herobrine